August 20, 2018

August 20, 2018 Core Value Cards by Janice Mae Parviainen Power and Authority”

“Be a decision maker or leader in your school/job/hobbies. To take charge and take control of the work and life activities of others.”

This week we are reminded that we are the author of our own story lines. We get to decide how we are going to show up in the world and how we are going to interact with the world around us. It is time that we take serious notice of our goals and decisions and step into the leadership roles of our own lives. No more living according to what we think others are wanting or needing of us, instead it is time that we give our own souls room to breathe, room to explore, room to make decisions and room to be a leader. This is the story of your life, so the question this week is, how will you write the next chapter?

With deep respect,

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