August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020 I AM Cards by barre BLEND

 I AM nurturing.

“I foster good health and curate positive relationships.”

This card is a two way street.  It is important to nurture ourselves with movement, nutrition, hydration and gentle self-talk.  It is just as important to nurture our relationships and interaction with the world.  My mom used to tell me to choose my friends wisely because “you are who you associate with.” As an adult, I tend to agree with this sentiment.  When we surround ourselves with like-minded people, we tend to emulate that energy.  This means, if we are down and out struggling and we are associating with others who are in the same or similar struggle, it feeds us keeping us in the same struggle, or even worse – we get drug into other’s struggles.  Conversely, if we surround ourselves with people who have goals, direction, are steadfast, grounded, and riding the upswing of life, then we too are nurtured in this direction.  This week, we are called to assess the areas of our lives that are being nurtured, and those areas that are not.  We need to look at our health, look at our relationships, look at our careers, finances and general outlook on life.  Where can we nurture ourselves better?  Where can we invest our greatness to improve our day-to-day life?  For, it is only then, that we can truly nurture others.  This isn’t a call to fake-it-‘til’we-make-it…this is a call to nurture ourselves in a way that allows us to nurture those that we love more effectively.  Let’s reflect this week, assess and make choices that embody our desired health and positive relationships.

Xo Juli

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