August 1, 2022

August 1, 2022 Shame Needs Secrecy to Grow

Shame is one of the emotions that breeds separation, makes us pull away and hide within ourselves. It is a trickster, enticing us to think that no one else could possibly feel, understand or relate to what we are going through. It’s one of those big e-motions that can really cause devastation not only to self, but also important relationships in our lives. It’s also one of those e-motions that evaporates the moment we bring it to the light and talk about it in our safe circles.  Shame likes to be in control but the moment we give it a voice, is the moment WE regain control and it’s intensity lessens or dissolves completely.

These days, many are feeling big emotions. When we are stuck in stress, worry, anger, guilt, grief etc. our energy and flow is literally stuck too. It is our responsibility to get these e-motions moving again.  And there is no right way or wrong way to do that.  For some talking works.  For others, more creative ways work. If talking isn’t your thing, youcould try:

·      Journaling
·      Writing a letter (to burn)
·      Singing
·      Hugging a tree
·      Exercise
·      Screaming into a pillow
·      Counselling
·      Emotional Freedom Technique
·      Meditation
·      Walking barefoot
·      Time in nature (water, forest, meadows)
Beware of distractions like reading, music and binge watching Netflix…these are not outlets to get e-motions moving again, but often places to hide and stay in denial.  If these are your go-to outlets, use them intentionally and therapeutically.

This week we are called to act responsibly with our energy and our e-motions.  Let’s give ourselves safe places to breathe.

Xo Juli

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