April 8, 2024

April 8, 2024 Happy New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse!

Is it just me, or have you noticed too that the energies around us and within us have been wacky lately?  

We are in eclipse season and for many, especially those sensitive to energies, April is sure to be a wild ride! Although we have experienced total eclipses before, today is a little different.  As it passes directly overhead later today, we will experience not only total darkness but a momentary pause in the sun’s energy, followed by a flood of cosmic activation.  Typically, the combination of sun/moon energy is largely about letting go and releasing stuck energies and surrendering that which is no longer serving us. I often think of it as an opportunity to reset or recalibrate life.

What makes this eclipse different is that it isn’t so much about purging the old and worn out in our lives or excavating the past to “let go”, so much as it is about welcoming in the new…embracing the change that the future is offering. And to take it one step further, it’s an opportunity for us to each envision the future we desire and to willingly participate in the creation of heaven on earth. It’s a calling for us to each step into our unique and authentic selves to take 100% responsibility for who we are, why we are here, and where we go from here.

You may be wondering, how do we do that?

The truth is, it is going to look different for each of us.  Since the eclipse portal opened, some of us have been experiencing more of a physical purging through sickness in the body – aches, pains, headaches, restlessness, insomnia, cold/flu-like symptoms and more. Some of us have been experiencing emotional turmoil and turbulent relationships where long-time friendships, marriages and family dynamics are dissolving. Some of us have been witnessing our loved ones crossing the veil, leaving us grieving and lonely. For some of us we’ve come to realize that the jobs we are in, the organizations we are attached to, the social circles we’ve entertained and the many things we’ve once loved are not as fulfilling as they once were. I can’t help but wonder if this is happening to slow us down, to grip our awareness, in order to clear the way for what’s coming.  I’ve always said that contrast brings clarity – and for many of us, the last few months have shown us great contrast.

A season of change is upon us. A season of clarity is here. It’s time to shift away from dwelling on the past, on what was and it is time to embrace change as a necessary step towards our own authenticity. And ultimately, as we let go of all that was, we make room for what is to be. 

It’s time we ask ourselves, what does heaven on earth look like for me? 

Today, as the universe does a slow blink around us, I will be lifting away all wants, needs, attachments and expectations that keep me anchored in an old and worn out past and embracing with deep gratitude all that I have and all that I am, knowing that more of what I am thankful for will surely find me as the light returns.

Friends, love is powerful. It really is one of the highest vibrational states to experience. But did you know that the state of AUTHENTICITY is actually 400 times more powerful than love?  In order to create our heaven on earth, one that is anchored in love, we must step into our own uniqueness, embrace our gifts, share our voice, remove the fears and ego and courageously make choices that align with our heart’s truest desires. It is from this place of authenticity that heaven on earth is found.  Keep in mind that heaven is not a destination nor a physical location, but rather a vibrational state – one that can be experienced in this very moment…if only we choose.

Today, as the sun, moon and earth align, let us allow authentic alignment within ourselves and may we each choose the path of heaven not only for ourselves, but for the entire planet. When we choose heaven for ourselves, the ripple effect is infinite. The time is now. Let us move forward in unity and welcome in a New Earth today.

Xo Juli


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