April 29, 2019

April 29, 2016 Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards by Antoniette Gomez & Bianca Gomez

Throat Chakra

“I speak my truth and know that it is safe to do so.”

The throat chakra is the energetic hub that translates our emotional, spiritual and mental communication through the physical body.  When the throat chakra is aligned, we are comfortable to share our thoughts and feelings with the world around us, without fear of criticism or judgement.  When the throat chakra is misaligned, it is a struggle to communicate fully, honestly and truthfully.  We then filter what we are saying through our own fears and judgements in an effort to meet expectations of those we are communicating with.  Sometimes we shut down all together.  This week we are being called upon to take a look at how we are interacting with others. Are we filtering?  Are we augmenting how we think and feel just to “fit in” with family and friends?  Are we shutting down and depriving the world of our thoughts and feelings just to “keep the peace”?  When we operate from this place, we encourage misunderstandings and feed resentment. The world needs us now more than ever, to show up authentically, to share our ideas, desires, thoughts and feelings…it isn’t our place to buffer our communication for others.  How others react or what they think of us is none of our business.  The truth is, everyone has filters…we communicate through them everyday.  Our job is to understand ours, know when they are necessary, and know when it is safe to share…and to show up wholly and completely for the world around us.  Our job is NOT to filter to fit someone else’s filter…that gets way too messy and is ineffective.  This week we are encouraged to just be ourselves.  You do you.  I’ll do me.  And we will be stronger, more authentic for it.




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