April 27, 2020

April 27, 2020 I AM cards by barre BLEND

“I AM ambitious. I set high goals for myself and achieve them purposefully.”

There is much to be said about goals and our mindset. Working towards something in life whether it is for pleasure or career or health etc., creates a momentum for so many people. It generates a driving force, with a sense of reward or accomplishment when we achieve it. Goals are a powerful tool when we are faced with adversity. Goals are a powerful tool when we are faced with…ourselves. This week we are called to find our ambition and put it to work. Whether we set a goal of completing one task today, or this week or this month…choose a goal that is in alignment with your lifestyle and desires and then STICK WITH IT. Create habits, routines and commitments that make room for this ambition, and then we need to choose to make it a priority in our lives. This affirmation is a great starting place. Let’s mentally affirm “I am ambitious.” Let’s write it on a post it note and stick it on our bathroom mirror and our laptops. Let it be the focal point for our lives this day, this week, this month…and let’s be ambitious together!


Xo Juli

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