April 25, 2022

April 25, 2022 It’s All About LOVE

Expectations are a slippery slope. They are sneaky and sly and even when we aren’t aware we have them, they can completely derail our experiences. I know I am in an expectation experience when I feel disappointment. That feeling for me is directly associated with expectations.

Intentions are a little different. But admittedly, there is a fine line between the two.  The discerning difference for me is that once an intention is set, I LET IT GO, and TRUST that the most appropriate outcome for all to grow, love and live is experienced.  With expectations there is this element of control – either we are controlling the unfolding of events or we are being controlled by what we think others are expecting of us. In either case, control is the leading element, NOT love. With intentions, there is love in the let go and love in the trust and love in the outcome, no matter what the outcome is.

This week we are encouraged to surrender the expectations that we have placed upon ourselves and others knowingly or unknowingly. To let things be, just as they are. To adopt the powerful mentality of “it is what it is…” Life truly is all about love, and it starts with the heart work of acceptance. Let’s be intentional, and choose to live a life that is heart centred with love as our intention.

Xo Juli


1 thought on “April 25, 2022 It’s All About LOVE”

  1. On April 25th I turned 70🙏
    What a journey this life has been.❤️
    Thank you for your inspiration👍
    I had the pleasure of meeting you once Juli.
    I hope we meet again🌹 rose

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