April 24, 2023

April 24, 2023 There is More Life on the Other Side of Fear

Fear is a wonderful catalyst for change and motivator for breakthroughs! We run into trouble when we allow fear to hold us captive, when we succumb to playing victim. We often give fear our power and let it be a dictator of our lives. When really, fear is just a figment of our imagination. Often fears become our limiting beliefs – and a belief is simply a thought that we have so many times repetitively that we BELIEVE it to be true.  I’ve heard it said that fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real…

This week we are encouraged to invite our power back, to embrace our fears, to allow fear to be our teacher.  When we befriend our fears we are able to breakthrough the limiting beliefs that have tortured us for too long. Being willing is the first step to perseverance. Once we learn how to discern our fears and identify when they are true or false we find freedom. The feeling on the other side of fear is truly freeing and exciting! There is always MORE life, love and YOU on the other side. Let’s feel the fear this week and do it anyway.

Need help? I’ve got you covered. Not only am I a great listener, but I have lots of tools and resources to help you BREAKTHROUGH your fears. Let’s chat!

Xo Juli


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