April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019 The Journey Cards by Brandon Bays & Kevin Billett



“Have you become rigid of late in the ways that you have been thinking, speaking and acting? Have you noticed moments where some old beliefs have arisen, old conditioning that restricts or limits you? This is your invitation to take off the straightjacket and to stretch with new flexibility. This is the moment to loosen up, let go and try a different way.”

It is common to find ourselves stuck in the thought of “it is my way or the highway” trap. There are so many different ways of getting things done, arriving at a certain place…our’s isn’t the only way. It is time to let go of the notion that we know it all and create space for others to succeed in their own way. For example, I hate how my husband does the dishes.  It drives me nuts!  The water isn’t hot enough, he only rinses lukewarm, he piles them haphazardly, and then waits for them to air dry before putting them away! But here’s the thing…they get done.  It isn’t my way, but in the end they get done…and I didn’t have to do it.  I could expend energy correcting him, chastising him or complaining about it…but why?  The end result is the same as if I were to do it.  When we are flexible in our thinking and move to a place of allowing it gives life a chance to breathe and be different.  I don’t have all the answers, and to expend energy portraying that I do is a complete and udder waste of my energy and a disservice to those around me who are learning, helping and living too.  It is time to let things go and try out some new and refreshing ways of being for a change.  Plus, it is liberating too!



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