April 1, 2024

April 1, 2024 Be Prepared

Have you ever noticed that we don’t make decisions until we are ready to? We often stew on things, contemplate, question, see it from all the angles before we are ready to commit to a decision. We all have different ways of coming to the threshold of commitment and there is no right or wrong way to get there. Being prepared is one of the criteria that is integral to the decision making process.  For some that may mean stepping into resilience or fortifying our emotions and mind.  For some it may mean checking the fear and stepping into faith.

This week we are called to be prepared in all planes of healing. Let’s be aware of our triggers and our needs. Let us be aware of our patterns and pathways. Let’s take responsibility for the aspects of self we have been neglecting and nourishing. Ultimately we are in control of our thoughts and emotions – the time for auto-pilot is over! Let’s step into responsibility, be mindful of our process for decision making, honour our own individual thresholds and commit to being prepared for what’s ahead. We’ve got this!

XO Juli


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