February 14, 2022

February 14, 2022 The Power is Within

Have you ever surprised yourself when looking back at a situation that you’ve handled and thought “Wow! I can’t believe I did that. I guess I am stronger than I think?” Recently, I had an experience where upon reflection I realized that I went through it in my own unique way. It wouldn’t have been the way others would have handled the situation, but it was my way. I tapped into my inner resilience, used all my tools and reminded myself that my internal power is stronger than my circumstances. I think sometimes we inadvertently give our power away to outside sources and forget that we always have a choice in how we choose to show up in our own lives.  At the end of the day, we best be content with our decisions, because we are the ones that have to live with them.This week, we are encouraged to really take a look at how we are choosing to live and how we are choosing to see the world around us.  It’s okay to take in the opinions and views of others but that does not mean that we have to adopt them as our own.  That is our choice. Sharing, listening, offering constructive feedback, letting go what doesn’t serve us and embracing what does is a very powerful position to be in.  You and I could live through the same experience and have very different perspectives and interpretations as to what actually happened…our truths may be different.  And that is okay. It’s important that we honor each other’s experiences and acknowledge our differences knowing that in the end we are more alike than we are different. The filters and lenses that we see life through are ever changing, nothing is permanent. And that is what makes life beautiful and diverse. It’s okay to do life our way, on our terms when we keep love and kindness at the forefront of our existence.

Have courage friends. Let’s stand in our power and be the living example of love for all those around us.

Xo Juli


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