Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching is a very personal inner growth process that moves one to manifest and make changes in their lives that is positive, powerful and permanent.  Juli takes her clients on a journey that allows them to gather tools and resources that they need in order to make changes that are appropriate for all aspects of their lives.  Once the gathering stage is underway, we begin to implement these changes in a way that creates a subtle generative change in their lives.  Once implementation has begun to take hold we move into the follow through stage where patterns are now broken, and living a purposeful life that is in alignment with ones truth and authenticity allows one to find and hold onto peace, happiness and a sense of purpose.  This is very intentional work that often includes “heartwork” between sessions to keep the energy and connection to ones Source in a higher vibrational state.  This approach is completely non-denominational, non-judgemental, completely confidential and highly effective.



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